Here at Beach Music in Sunset Beach our staff is dedicated to helping others find the right tools to make a good decision when purchasing musical equipment from us. We know buying the guitar that's right for you is a personal choice, we provide an atmosphere that is unhurried, honest, and informative, and in which you can make that important decision yourself and hopefully call on us in the future on how to maintain and take care of it.

We specialize in new and used, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as Basses, Amps, Effects, and Sound Systems for small venues, plus all accessories and info to get you totally dialed in.

After your purchase we'll be ready to help with any adjustments or questions that you might need specific to your situation. Our store has earned the reputation for being the place to shop for the best deals and customer service.

It is our hope that this website - much more than a list of  services and products we provide, will serve as an example of our strong commitment to offering a more personal approach and a friendly atmosphere for all of our friends and customers.

If you are searching for that rare, one of a kind instrument to round out your collection, or just looking for your next guitar, please feel free to swing on by to Beach Music in Sunset Beach ,Ca. locally owned and operated.

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Here at Beach Music there is nothing we aren't interested in taking a look at. Please feel free to stop by or give us a call whether it be a high end guitar or a less expensive amplifier, we are usually interested in used musical equipment of all kinds, and if we can't help you out we'll do our best to direct you in a direction where you can get rid of your equipment.

We also do trade ins.  If you have musical equipment that you are looking to get rid of or trade towards some of our merchandise, we will give you give you credit towards our New and Used merchandise as well as credit towards Repairs and Lessons. 

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Beach Music has highly qualified and personable instructors who teach a variety of musical styles and instruments. All of our lessons are one on one and are custom tailored and designed for each student. Whether you're just learning how to hold a guitar, or figuring out how to play your first chords, or you are a seasoned player but can't seem to get yourself to that next level, we can definitely accommodate you.

We offer lessons for a wide variety of students from beginner to advanced of all ages in a very comfortable setting. I promise you it's not difficult to learn how to play the guitar and have some fun with it. Our guitar lessons are focused on Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, as well as Ukulele, all in the musical styles such as folk, bluegrass, rock, blues, jazz, etc.

So feel free to give us a call and schedule your lessons today !

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