Repair info


Guitar maintenance is essential to keeping your Guitar sounding and playing to its fullest potential.

It is recommended to have your guitar gone through and serviced approximately every 6 months.
Here at Beach Music we offer everyday repairs from basic maintenance as well as custom modifications and neck break repairs. We take a'lot of pride in the service and quality that we provide for our customers.

We like to spend as much time with the customer to find out exactly what they are expecting out of their instrument and we are committed to getting their instrument to perform to the best of its ability, and have it done for you in a timely manner.

We service and repair all types of musical instruments such as Guitars, Basses, Banjos, Bajo Sextos, Auto Harps, Dobros, Ukuleles, Mandolins, Violins, and Upright Basses. We also offer Guitar Amplifier Repair and Speaker Replacement, as well as Band and Orchestral Instrument Repair.

We take pride and in our work and we understand how important it is to have your instrument back to you as soon as possible.

Guitar re string $20 to 35
Set up: $50 to 125.00
New bone Nut: $50 ($75 for mandolin and 12 string)
New Saddle: $50 ($75.00 for compensated saddle, $
Re-Glue Bridge: $85.00 and up
Brace Repair: $50 per brace
Replace Bridge: $125.00 + cost of new bridge
Handmade Bridge: 125.00 and up
Replace Tuners: $40.00 and up
Grind and Polish Frets-fret dress $135.00
Re-Fret: $250(Add $50 for bound fingerboards)
Re-set Neck: $250.00 and up
Crack Repair: need to inspect for quote
Headstock Repair: $100 and up
Install Pickup: apx $30 to 50 per pickup
Please note: prices are estimates only, due to the individual nature of each job, estimates may vary. If costs exceed the estimate the customer will be contacted before the work is done.

Prices are quoted for labor only. All parts and strings are additional.